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Friday, April 30, 2004

I liked this article . Probably only of interest to the journalists. It's about the lack of media reporting on humanitarian disasters, but particularly 'genocide'.
The international media don't send reporters to cover genocides, it seems. They cover genocide anniversaries.
I was making brief, passing mention to this in another post. That had more to do with media pushing for intervention in Bosnia (white genocide) while largely ignoring Rwanda (black genocide).

Do we have to change the gatekeepers (editors who decide what prints) if these events are to make it past the cutting floor? If that's what has to be done, how can we change the gatekeepers? If we can't change the gatekeepers, then what? How do we get the story out, let the world know what's going on?

Serious questions. It really does bother me.

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Thursday, April 29, 2004


It's getting a long time between blogs. Good thing too. Like writing a long email to a friend, this can take a while. Not that writing a long email or doing this is not enjoyable (or a good way to procrastinate), it just takes a lot longer than I ever think it's going to.

So it's a good thing (post delay) because I'm freaking out about assessments I have to do for next week... and the following week. So spending time doing this is just going to make me freak out more.

I'm procrastinating and writing this in the library at uni....but not anymore!
Hmmm, looking forward to 'Blues Brothers' tonight at Peto's. Good times, good times.

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Monday, April 26, 2004

Another day, another dollar. Well, not really. I don't work.

Went for a quick drive, and I mean a quick drive, up Mt Glorious first thing this morning with my dad in the toy car. That'll wake you up of a... well, mid-morning. I was allowed to drive it back down the mountain. I'm not sure, but it may be the first time I've driven it since that fateful night...oohhhhh 6 years ago now?.... when I was driving it to a party, as you do when hoping your dad's sweet ride is going to make you 'cool'.

So I'm in the Westfield (pictured zipster), friend in his dad's Mercury Cougar (American beast) and we're travelling in a sedate fashion, observing and adhering to all applicable road rules, when acrid smell and white smoke begin to emanate from beneath the dash. Long story short, electrical fire was narrowly averted but the wiring harness, from one of the headlights back to the dash, was opened like a pizza sub. The wires inside looking much like melted cheese. Not so cool.

From memory that was the last time I drove the Westfield. I'm not sure, but if it was, it makes for a slightly better story. Although I think it's lost some of the 'hey, look at me!' appeal (or maybe I've lost that), it will still be nice to be able to take it out every now and then. Carries a little more punch than the 82 Corolla , that's for sure. That's an old and dodgy picture of the Westfield, but you'll all cope.

Yesterday was Anzac Day, with the public holiday today. I didn't go to the parade this year, so instead I've got some pictures from last year... Pretty slack, I know.

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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Another day comes to an end. Played soccer today. That went well.

Hopefully I'll stay awake for the whole Liverpool-ManUnited game that starts at midnight.

I'm in the process of procrastinating about several assessments and this blog is testament to that. At this stage I've spent a gob of time working on it (and the offshoots you can link to from the left). It's enjoyable though.

A friend went to the podiatrist the other day and found out she has tinea, and it's nasty. There, I said it. She has 'her' story. This, is mine...

'Apparently' she got it from me, although I have no foot dandruff, am not sloughing skin from between my toes and have no horrible odour wafting from my feet, strong and pungent at a distance up to four feet. My friend, on the other hand, does.

Of course, having insisted it was 'my' feet from whence this offensive odour had spread, she refused to believe it was not. Finally, after we finished watching some DVD together the other night, throughout which I had mentioned I could, and would rather prefer not to, smell her feet from aforementioned four feet away, she demanded proof she was the culprit. How was this proof to be gained? Why, by having one of the offending feet presented for my smelling, of course!

And so, Milose....sorry. And so, in the dirty murk of the darkened room, late at night as I stood to leave, I bent for an obligatory smell of the proffered foot, convinced already this was one of the two culprits who had assaulted my senses.

And assaulted I was. The darkened room masked my attacker, but as I leaned forward, her violent stench took me by surprise. I stumbled. I tipped. Suddenly two foul toes clawed at my nose while a third tried to push past my upper lip so as to gain entry into my mouth (it was just like in Alien I tell you!). I was nearly overcome, but bravely struggled to my feet, spitting and gagging and screamed, "It IS your bloody feet!!! Agghlleghh! pthah!"

At this point I will admit, I jumped around like... well, like I would if a large huntsman (5-6" spider for you Americans) had just run up my pants. Then I went and washed my nose and mouth until I bled. No I didn't. Come to think of it...I didn't wash my face at all after this traumatic episode. Oh, that's right, I licked my lips. No, I didn't do that either... even to think it is wrong, and yet I have. I think I just walked away in shock.

It should come as no surpise that I've taken to wearing thongs (flip-flops for you Americans) in the shower. I don't want the Angel of Foot-Death coming knocking on my door.

Good timing - Liverpool-ManU about to kick off. Cairn the Reds!

the earley edition - Posted by Dave @ 4/24/2004 10:16:00 pm || || Return to Top

We rule. Or rather, the rest of us support Greg, who rules.

The soccer game today was great. We played at 1pm, clear blue sky, hot sun beating down, but a nice breeze. Long story short, we won 4-0, with Greg scoring all four goals.

The opposition should have pegged us back when awarded a penalty late in the second half. Our defender had a good 10 meters of free space around him with no opposition even making an effort to move any closer. So an unintentional hand ball that had no impact on play sent one of their strikers to the spot. He couldn't hold it together and sent it high, giving us a well-deserved shutout.

Everyone was happy with the team performance. One of the goals before the game had been to play it out wide more often. Play to this point in the season has been characterised by a lot of short passing up the middle and/or through balls to Greg. It's worked well but Pete wants us to get some more openness to our game. We played with a lot more width today, which should keep us in good stead throughout the season if we keep it up. I think that puts us at ... 4-1 (win-loss).

Next week the majority of the team will gather for Greg's engagement party at 12, only to have to leave soon after to make a 3.00 game at Beenleigh. Should be good. I'll keep you posted.

the earley edition - Posted by Dave @ 4/24/2004 09:38:00 pm || || Return to Top

My faithful regulars (yes, both of you) will have noticed a complete change in the layout... I was in the process of developing it when the last one got deleted or saved over, so had to rush in the 'under construction' one

It will continue to change gradually as I have time, or make time where there isn't available time, as the case will most likely be.

Got an email from an old friend today... good to hear from you mate. Welcome to my waste of time that is this blog if you come across it.

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Friday, April 23, 2004

Indeed. Her travel posts soon to be published separately on another blog - watch this space!

the earley edition - Posted by Dave @ 4/23/2004 12:54:00 pm || || Return to Top

This blog will make comments on international news and current affairs, with links to news of interest to at least myself, if not any readers who may or may not stumble upon the site.

The blog will, at times when travel is undertaken, include travel related postings, to which Suzanne may at times have input.

anyone reading this far back, the International, then the NEWS blog, is what this is referring to. It doesn't exist anymore, and has all been reposted here.

the earley edition - Posted by Dave @ 4/23/2004 03:05:00 am || || Return to Top

Continuing with the $50 parking ticket theme. Somebody stated this sort of thing tends to put a hole in your budget. Well yes, but a hole in the empty hole that is my budget makes a black hole...its accretion disc gradually sucking in everything around it...

In other news, a persistent bug is back the bug in question, about 2mm in length. He (or she) was on my arm about 5 hours ago...i flicked him (or her) off ... obviously he (or she) took an unintended flight across my room somewhere....i just found him (or her) again on my shoulder...

A good friend suggested I "sex it"....ummm, no. No I didn't do biology. That just sounded wrong.

the earley edition - Posted by Dave @ 4/23/2004 12:58:00 am || || Return to Top

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

my apologies...trying not to be angry at the world, but not succeeding particularly well at this point.

the earley edition - Posted by Dave @ 4/21/2004 07:22:00 pm || || Return to Top

$50. for a parking ticket. FIFTY dollars! It's my parking spot damnit. Now I've always thought this spot was outside the 2hr limit zone. Whenever I drive to uni, I park there all worries. Until today... Have they extended the zone? Was my spot ever outside the zone? Have they just targeted students, hoping they'll just pay and ask no questions?

Oh there will be questions... make no mistake. (sigh)

In the meantime...I wonder what the point of trying to save money is when *&!#@!... stuff like this happens.... Ugh.. Oh, wait, no please, kick me again, quick, before I get up...oh that was a good 'un! hahaaaa, Iiiiii LIKE it!!

the earley edition - Posted by Dave @ 4/21/2004 07:12:00 pm || || Return to Top

Monday, April 19, 2004


So, today. It all sort of merges into one when there was just that short nap. Despite the coffee I have just grabbed, I still find myself getting noddy. Nothing quite so interesting happened until about 10.15 this morning.

I've just had a week-long Easter holiday. All week I've said, "That 200 word French thing I should easily knock out in about two hours, and that journalism court report ....ahhhh... six or seven hours." Of course, instead of actually doing that in the five days available, I decided, what better way to test my ability to estimate assignment time, than actually leave only that amound of time in which to complete it by deadline.

So long story short, French was done in 90 minutes, just in time to print it out and walk into French class at noon, journalism was saving on disk at 4.50pm... Anyone reading this and noticing time discrepancies should note travel and class time thrown in there as well.

It's a run to the cheap student print shop. Print, come one come on. Of course, because journalists are the ass-end of the intelligentsia spectrum, they are also at the ass-end of the campus. I shoulder my bag, collect my laptop, watch check: 4.57. Crap. I'm off.

Now running does not come hard for me. It does when you're thrown off balance by an incredibly heavy laptop which is now not only making you run like you have a broken hip, but also trying to rip off whichever arm happens to be holding it.

Huffing and puffing I reach the top of the hill at, apparently, 5.05pm, just in time to see our evergreen journalism receptionist, Jenny, emptying the assignments out of the drop-off box and commenting to a nearby student, "...even if it's three minutes late, it's still late." [okay, big smile while handing over my paper] "Hi Jenny. :D so, uh, am I late?" [smile back with perfunctory glance at watch] "No, you're three hours and six minutes late," she says as she strolls out of sight briefly.

She must have heard my jaw hit the ground, and the plaintive bleatings trying to escape my dumbstruck mouth of head hurts. And just as I prepare to protest the course outline says nothing about 2pm deadline, "And it's in the course outline!"

damn she's good. Reappearing behind her glass window she calmly prepares to stamp all the papers 'received', while I remain unmoved, wondering what the hell this torture was for, just to hand something in on time for once. she speaks again

"Luckily for you Rhonda has said she's not going to penalise anyone for submitting after 2pm this time." woman!!!!

So anyway, sitting out on the grass to cool down after my run I look through the course outline... no mention of 2pm deadline anywhere. And I thought Jenny was alright....

eyelids droopy, *now* I can sleep.

the earley edition - Posted by Dave @ 4/19/2004 11:26:00 pm || || Return to Top

30 minutes of sleep in the last 40 hours is good. I was falling asleep watching Premier League highlights, but now I'm wide awake again...I guess you wouldn't call it wide awake...I'm not falling asleep as I type, read or talk to people, so it's closer to wide awake than the majority of the day.

I crave coffee...I have never crafed coffee before, nor have I craved it.

Soon to follow, post on the adventures of starting two assignments at 3am that were due today. Started late after happily procrastinating by reading Dan Tobin. Okay, I was pissed off at myself for procrastinating, but I was laughing, so I managed to push that conscience out longer than I should have.

The assignments did get in on time...thanks to powers beyond me that managed to keep me semi-lucid, long enough to put together something that might even be acceptable.

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Saturday, April 17, 2004

I love Poynter (in Media Specific Links over on the left there). I also said I love the Editor liftout section in the Weekend Australian. I love many things. Feel the love.

Why Poynter? Because they're just what a young journalist needs. Damn the man, student journalists get screwed again. And in Iowa! (this means nothing I realise to those who don't know I lived in Iowa mid 2002-end 2003. Now you know - welcome to my inner circle) Go you student journalists.

And this, a new broadsheet in New York, the The New York Sun, is starting it's its third year of publication! Who cares you say? Well, me. I think that's awesome, a startup paper in a competitive market! Damn these one-paper metropolitan centres, bring back diversity!

Rah, coffee, white, two sugars, one Milo - I kick on

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Okay, seriously not enough sleep, but I've got plans, big plans. The blog is taking shape in my mind and will be based on the unfinished template you can see at geocities. Methinks it shall be tres cool.

So, 2 hrs of sleep last night, a FULL day since 6.30am, including a soccer game (we won 3-1, go us), and now an assignment to write...

I simply could not sleep. Lay awake/semi-awake for over 2 hours before deciding I may as well do something. Went and got Weekend this article and then fell asleep... There were things I thought about mentioning, but you can read them for yourself *if* anyone reads this. Suffice to say there are some things about that Wolfowitz character I just gosh-darned can't reconcile with for pete's sake! okay... I don't like. Please excuse the sleep deprivation 'humour'.

I ate an orange at the game (soccer), but there were no bins at the field, so I brought the rind home with me to throw away. After getting inside I collect the bits of orange rind in my hand, and in the three steps to the bin think, "Ah, throw these rinds in the bin, throw these clothes in the clothes basket and take a shower."

I then threw the orange rinds into my clothes basket... Yes, in the split second as my hand made the underhanded release motion, I knew what I was about to do, but could do nothing about it. My mind protesting at the insanity of it all, yet unable to stop my hand from releasing them into flight...

So I gently picked orange rind out of my clothes basket in the hope none would disappear further into the abyss.

note to self:

do not lie down on bed for a quick bit of shuteye, or you will wake up tomorrow morning with, amazingly, less time do your assignment than you have now...
Other things happened today. They were important too. THE END

really though, the new blog when I do it will be, like, so cool

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Friday, April 16, 2004

Following on from the last post...on the Reporters Sans Frontieres (reporters without borders) website there is a story, and a 30 page report in the form of a PDF document on the US Army's firing on the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad, April 8, 2003.

For all my Singaporean journlaism friends, there's also a little bit on Predators of Press Freedom, of which your Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong is listed as one!

the earley edition - Posted by Dave @ 4/16/2004 12:06:00 pm || || Return to Top

Well, it turns out I am spending more time designing the blog than actually writing in it. Not only that, but also more time than studying... I've already designed a new template that I'm in the process of fine-tuning, but you can link to it here to see what's going on, or from the 'other blogs' links... I like it so far, and the front page headline will be a self-fulfilling prophesy if I don't give up this nonsense of designing pages.. it IS addictive though. I have an assignment (2 actually) due Monday so I should probably give this up for the weekend and focus on those...

But anyway, I was going to write about last week's 'Editor' section.

Last Thursday was the 10th anniversary of the Rwandan massacre. Anyone who has any interest in international relations or news would know this and know the issues relating to it. However, there were two particular points in the editorial that drew my attention - both are quotes (pg22WeekendAustralian10/4/04):

Samantha Power of the Los Angeles Times
"editorial writers at the major newspapers who pushed for intervention in Bosnia made no such appeals on behalf of the Rwandans".
Joshua Hammer in The New York Republic
'Self denial continues to this day among the perpetrators..."After a decade of self-delusion and historical amnesia, most Rwandan Hutu still insist that no genocide took place." Instead, Hammer wrote, they believe "Hutu and Tutsi were killed in equal numbers in a civil war".

1. When you start to talk about advocacy journalism, do you 'pull' for the argument you agree with, support, are sympathetic to? Of course, you wouldn't 'advocate' it if you didn't see the merit of doing so. But there are thousands of stories/issues out there that deserve to be told, even if the media doesn't want to tell them, and especially if their reasoning is a lack of personal zeal for the issue.

I've just started this blog, so I can tell you who don't know that I'd like to work as a foreign correspondent at some point. As Bruce says, "Dave wants to go to bodgy countries." It's not that I necessarily want to put my life on the line, dodge bullets or get kidnapped, burnt or mutilated, but there are stories to be told that people need to know about. I can only pray I work at that time for an organisation/agency that feels the same way about telling those stories. What made me think this a little more was seeing a documentary about war photographer James Nachtwey. Some of the images were, really, the type you just don't want to look at, don't want to think about. I can tell people now I don't want to be a foreign correspondent in 'bodgy places' because I enjoy seeing the carnage, or for the excitement or thrill... I really don't want to see those things, but someone has to if it's going to be reported...

2. The second quote is a scary reality, of not so much people refusing to accept responsibility, but of actually believing nothing untoward has taken place. This is applicable also to the feeling of a vast majority of Serbs in their feelings towards Kosovo and what happened in '98/99...

This by David Brown (2000:167) -

"Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo were fully trapped within these two hegemonic ideologies...To each side, the behaviour of the other side was inhuman. The ideological myths of each side seemed to be merely common sense. That is the tragedy of nationalistic conflict."
And I agree it's not just Serbs. Kosovar Albanians are equally at fault if they believe all KLA actions are acceptable, especially those undertaken against Kosovar Serb civilians after NATO bombing drove Serb forces out of the region. Both sides have committed atrocities... I was actually told by a Serb, "what you are presented as 'Serbian crimes' by merely comes in consequence of centuries long hatred of both nations" if that makes it acceptable...?!

"When will people get over it?", I ask in my comfort zone of never having gone through a war or large-scale loss as a result. The media, given their huge influence on what people think to be the truth of what is 'happening' or the issues surrounding an event, should play one of the most prominent roles in promoting good will between people and breaking down barriers of mistrust and prejudice. Unfortunately the Serb I quoted works for a media organisation in Belgrade...and there seems to still be large support for radical/nationalist parties in Serbia.

So I'm back to where I started...advocacy journalism. If you write/broadcast for the issues which are close to your heart, you leave yourself open to becoming too subjective - even to the point of departure from the truth, God forbid. May we all expose ourselves to enough facts to not be bogged down by one argument, to not be too parochial... That's not just a statement for journalists either, but everyone. So journalists - print the facts aye? We all rely on them to make informed decisions.

Just a few stats from 'Iraq Inquest', a story (The Australian April 8 pg 20) based on extracts from Peter Wilson's book 'Long Drive Through A Short War. There's another extract online as well if you're interested. The stats are about journalists deaths in Iraq.

  • in the space of six hours US forces hit every foreign media building in Baghdad - Al Jazeera Arabic TV, Abu Dhabi offices and the Palestine Hotel, where foreign media not embedded with US army units were housed
  • Of the 14 journalists who died between March 20 and April 9, 2003, only four were 'embeds'
  • 16 of the 21 media workers killed by the end of 2003 were unilaterals and only five were embeds
  • of the 14 Western journalists killed during the war (in 2003), just two were killed by Saddam's forces, five from "neutral causes" and seven by the coalition.
This is enough for now...It's very late, or rather very early... hmmmm, so much to talk about...some day some day. my apologies for the rambling, disjointed discourse and possible lack of a point....

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Thursday, April 15, 2004

I've just spent...who knows how much my keyboard. Yes, that's right, I took off every key on the keyboard, cleaned them to remove any of those sweat&dirt-smudge buildups, and put them back on.

Slightly obsessive compuslive, I realise, but I noticed some 'dust' under the keys and what I noticed was fairly significant. Once I had finished popping off the keys and chasing them across the floor, the piles of hair, dead skin cells, bits of food and unidentified objects was quite impressive, I really should have taken a picture of it.

The fun part is when I tell you that this is a second hand keyboard from the newspaper where I did work experience in Jan/Feb, where it spent an unknown number of years collecting lunch scraps, hairs and trace elements of all the nasty things people touch... and not just any nasty people, but journalists... I shudder at the thought. haha, no offence Charlesworth! :)

Today I went and sat in the courts to get my journalism story that I have to write by next Monday. Great action! Not really, but the drug-addled defendant had an amusing ramble about 'thanks for letting me off lightly' while the judge was trying to explain his probation and community service order to him.

Actually, I've noticed in my court visits the judges are quite sympathetic to offenders when sentencing them, commenting that the harshest sentence would likely do more harm than good... kudos to you Judges who are looking for the best in people.

I'm actually going to write something related to media as well!! go figure.

I love The Australian's 'Editor' section on the weekend, which covers editorial pieces from all over the globe and editorial cartoons (from Israel, Canada, Jordan and France last week). Although I don't think they put any of this stuff specifically up on their website, so no direct link for you.

Another good part of the site is a whole raft of links for those interested in international news. Some of the links don't work (like Kuwait Times) but it doesn't take too much to figure it out. My link there is the 'fixed' one.

Anyway, enough of that, there was actually some stuff written in last week's Editor that I was interested in talking about some-some. I'll put that in a new post.

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Saturday, April 10, 2004

up till 7.30 am, in front of the computer from noon until now again... so the day has wasted, wasted, wasted away. My blog 'view' is taking shape, but being inside all day is unhealthy, so away I must...

Because spending all day sitting at a desk in front of a computer is really bad (but enjoyable), I'm going outside for some exercise.

Also getting a video and pizza tonight, so exercising will help me enjoy all that fat and grease even more!

hurrah for the blog, now I have to work on my geocities website. You can link to it if you want from two places on here, but you need to think laterally if you want to link to any of my actual pages yet. :)

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Friday, April 09, 2004


old man speaks words of wisdom
in other words, Milton says some asian mystical crap (his words)

And so it begins, my blog. Of course, I had to start off with IT'S OFFICIAL because good ol' DB hates news headlines or stories that start with it. Fight the powers that be, I say.

A good day to write about. I stayed up most of last night to finish an assignment due at noon. Wasn't done at noon. Stayed at the library till 5.15 writing it, wasn't done... so now we hit the long weekend and I'll hand it in Tuesday. Not a good start to 'assignment lane', as they'll be coming on thick and fast over the next month or two.

I would write more, but I need to be up and singing in 6 hours so till next time, Happy Easter, think long and hard about veritas... what is truth? will you know it when you see it? In the meantime I will learn about some HTML gee-whiz stuff and put pictures in here or something.

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