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Monday, September 05, 2005

Celebrities are stupid

I went to Australia Zoo a while ago and took a lot of pictures. These are just a few, of some of the celebrities I saw there.

Of course the most important celebrity was the man himself, Steve Irwin, founder of Australia Zoo and the all-too-well-known "Crikey!". This is why Kate calls it Crikey Land. Steve Irwin is stupid. He was almost eaten by a large crocodile that literally threw him into the air. Dance monkey boy!

Some of you may remember this man from such classics as Independence Day, CopyCat, and a forgotten jazz career. No, I lie, he was actually in Australia doing a concert tour. Yes, it's Harry Connick Jr, and his daughter I assume, with the 9ft white python draped around her. Harry Connick Jr is stupid. He did a good job of ignoring me taking photos of him taking photos of stuff.

However, when it all comes down to the rub, celebrity impersonators are very much considered not stupid. Stand back ladies, this one's engaged. This guy is not stupid.

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