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The Earley Edition has officially moved to My dot com, that is. Thanks for joining me.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Date with an assassin

The podcast below is my first recorded interview. It's less than 30 seconds, but you take what you can get when talking to a hired gun. That's right, I was just testing out the microphone and asking a few 'harmless' questions but it turns out I was talking to a ruthless killer. Name? Marcia. Quote:
That's one interview you never want to hear.
Yes it is Marcia. Yes, it is.

Podcast-marcia.mp3 (260kb)

In other news, a Swedish library is introducing 'living loans'. You can borrow a journalist, animal rights activist, imam, Dane (Copenhagen rather than canine variety), homosexual, Muslim woman or Roma (Gypsy). It's your bias of choice on loan for 45 minutes. Overcome that prejudice through contact. This is a brilliant idea! It could backfire, but there's no harm in trying. I particularly like the opening par.
A Swedish library has a adopted a novel approach...
hyuk, hyuk!

1,000 cheap iBooks (Mac laptops) were sold off in Henrico County, Virginia. Unfortunately, at least 5,000 people showed up to buy them and a stampede ensued.
In the crush, people were trampled on, a chair was thrown, an elderly man was pushed to the ground, a baby's buggy was crushed and one desperate buyer tried to drive his car through the crowd.
That reminded me of the recent War of the Worlds flick with scientology boy. You know what scared me to death in that movie? When the crowd of people start fighting over, and killing for, the van they are trying to drive to the barge. $50 sure is cheap for an iBook, even a four-year-old used one, but is it worth forgetting every aspect of acceptable social behaviour you've been taught?

No is the answer, if the to-kill-or-not-to-kill-for-iBook decision was proving a little too difficult for you.

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