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Monday, November 01, 2004

It's just a fact

Ann Althouse, in a post on Instapundit, quotes an interview with Bob Kerrey on 'Meet the Press', saying he must think the people of (Galena,) Ohio "a bunch of selfish louts" when he said, "They don't give a damn about the war in Iraq".

How she reaches that conclusion from what Bob Kerrey said, I have no idea. If anything it gives more insight into her contempt for the people of Galena, Ohio. I would argue the fact is the people of Galena really, REALLY couldn't care less about Iraq. I would liken it to the real fact where I was living in the US on 9/11 and afterwards, many people didn't care about what had happened in New York. It WAS a world away - something the majority had no physical or emotional connection to. It's not in contempt that Bob Kerrey says they don't care about Iraq. They really are more concerned about the loss of their jobs, health care and pensions than they are about some 'backward' country on the other side of the world. And those very words have been spoken to me. George W. Bush is not the best leader to help them in those domestic concerns, let alone Iraq.

Interesting article in The Australian today where Malcolm Mackerras predicts Kerry winning in a landslide with 316 electoral college votes to Bush's 222. The gist: while actual voting may be 50-50 as polls suggest, he says Kerry will carry every state Gore held in 2000 but add Florida, New Hampshire, Ohio and Nevada. It's a big call.

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