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Monday, October 25, 2004

Stupid is as Stupid does

In the comments section of a post on Caliblog, I linked to an article at Electablog. The numbers are staggering. While some would say, "That's America for you," I think you could stop for a second and look at your own country and yourself, jackass. (Update: That was a bit harsh, wasn't it? I'm getting a little agitated at the thought of Bush winning...) Let me just remind you I'm Australian. The majority of people all over the world are just plain stupid. We all believe the spin when it suits us. And it always suits them. Damn the man. Here's the end of the post at Electablog:
Maybe, instead of funding another set of attack dogs, we need to start a few new 527s that are dedicated to spending millions of dollars on the cause of simply informing the American people of the facts (or at least occasionally slapping them across the face to see if they're awake).
Basically the report is the result of a survey of democratic and republican supporters and what they believe about issues relating to the war in Iraq. What it comes down to is that, despite high-profile reports released proving the non-existence of both WMDs before the invasion and a link between Iraq and al-Qaeda, Bush supporters not only continue to believe those things, but in some cases seem to think the reports concluded something other than what they did. Ah, misinformation. The actual report referred to says:
"Apparently, to avoid this cognitive dissonance [between supporting Bush's mistaken reasons for going to war and the obvious reality presented to them], Bush supporters suppress awareness of unsettling information.
But now, while others have peeled off, Bush supporters continue to hold onto their image of Bush as a capable protector. To do this it appears that many need to continue to screen out
[credible] information that undermines this image."

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