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Monday, August 09, 2004

The Harsh Reality

I had a great weekend. A challenging weekend. The sort of weekend you wish didn't have to end. Instead, here I am back in the real world. Back where the strength of spoken good intentions are tested and tried with ferocity. It seems lately mine have buckled at the first hurdle.

I spent half an hour alone considering this question: "If God really got a hold of your life what sort of person would you be in ten years time, and what steps would you need to take now to get there?" I drew a blank. I have no idea what will happen in that time, can't imagine what God would do in my life, and so was at a loss to think how I head towards that nebulous future 'me'. When these three words came to me I could think of nothing else as they were repeated over and over in my head.

Acknowledge your God.

It's a simple enough line but it is powerful, and packed with more meaning for me than I care to try and begin to describe here, if I could at all. The statement stands.

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