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Monday, July 12, 2004

A Giant Named Rumbelec

I just remembered this has been saved as a draft for the last two months and since I don't have time to write anything else I will just post it. Yes, I'm inflicting on you another story written by me in second grade. It's lazy, pre-cooked blogging, but I can't be bothered right now. It's time to go home. Enjoy.

A Giant named Rumbelec
Once there was a giant name Rumbelec. Rumbelec was always mean to the other giants. He would hurt a little giant boy. He would eat cows. (not giant cows) He would break little kids crayons, he would tease them too, but worst of all he would step on peoples houses when they weren't home. No other giants liked Rumbelec, his wife didn't like him either. Then one day a giant said to another giant, "Lets make an army and kill Rumbelec." The other one said, "No we shouldn't kill Rumbelec because the police will put us in jail!" No, they won't!" said the other one. "Okay." said the other one. "You make your own army." The giant said, "Okay, see you tomorrow." The next day he saw the giant with a great big army! He ran and told the police. The police went on their Police Dragons as fast as they could. They caught up with the army and arrested them. The other giant was happy he wasn't in the army. Then there wasn't any other giants to make friends with. Only Rumbelec so he made friends with Rumbelec. Rumbelec tried to make him do bad things. Then, he told Rumbelec, "If you don't stop being bad the police might put you in jail." Rumbelec believed him and was never bad again.
The End
This one has no date, but it's almost certainly post-G2 (grade 2). Not such a great one, although breaking kid's crayons was particularly dastardly of old Rumbelec. Police dragons were a nice touch, and who would have thought, a giant who stopped being bad because he feared the consequences. Bad guy, politics, action, friendship, morals and rehabilitation into society. The story's got it all...

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