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The Earley Edition has officially moved to My dot com, that is. Thanks for joining me.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

The Future is a Scary Place

I made it back to Brisbane. The way my car was running yesterday, I'm not entirely sure how I made it, and that wonder continues, since now my car won't start. Thankfully it's decided not to start while safely parked at my house, not on a hill between Brisbane and Sydney somewhere.

But I didn't come here to tell you that. I kept a small notepad with me in the car, jotting things down that came to mind, since often things come to mind and I think, "That's kind of interesting", and promptly forget it.

So, musings in transit...

Actually, some of these were before leaving Sydney. Like this one. One thing I like about a city, as opposed to the country, is that I feel 'alive', if that's an accurate description. I noticed this while I was driving in Sydney. Constantly looking at the lights, watching the traffic, the pedestrians. Everything so close and cramped together that I couldn't help but notice it. I had to keep my eyes open and be on my toes. So, I feel alive when I drive. That brought in a whole other thought process that doesn't merit an essay being written about it here, which basically questioned whether, or why, I needed to be 'doing' something to 'feel alive'. Anyway.

And then on the drive to Brisbane.

Life through polarised sunglasses is a little different. I kept taking pictures with my digital camera as I was driving because I liked what I saw, forgetting that what I saw through my polarised lenses was not what my camera was recording. So I stopped and just enjoyed the view.

It's so much easier to say 'mileage' than 'fuel consumption'. And kilometreage just doesn't work. Kind of on that wavelength, I got a text from a friend telling me not to forget to Stop, Revive and Survive. I thought, I'll stop for fuel, and that may revive me, but surviving will have to be left in God's hands I guess. I stopped to refuel once. I had to make one more stop to relive myself because I simply couldn't hang on for the last 45 minutes to Brisbane. Now that was pertinent information!

I want the muppets theme on my phone.

I watched Supersize Me while in Sydney, so was wondering about getting diabetes and the effect high sugar levels have on a person, particularly since I had a whole packet of ripe raspberries (130 grams of red chewy pieces of sugar), pringles (200g), and a 600ml coke on the drive. I kept each container to record how much of the 'bad stuff' I consumed. It's interesting, in every case, you're given a quantity per serving, and a quantity per 100 g/ml, but never a quantity as a whole. Alright, so after working it out:
  • Energy 7454 kJ (Coke 1080;Raspberries 1794; Pringles 4580)
  • Carbohydrates 261 g (Coke 63.6; Raspberries 101.4; Pringles 96)
  • Sugar 126.96 g (Coke 63.6; Raspberries 58.76; Pringles 4.6)
  • Fat 74 g (all found in Pringles, of which 26g is Saturated Fat, yum).
Apart from the stinging eyes, the slight illness and the definite lightheadedness later in the evening where I actually thought I may be about to faint (which has never happened), it wasn't so bad.

Along the lines of Donald Trump trying to trademark "You're Fired", or people trying to trademark other common language words, I was forced to wonder about Billabong. As I was driving I went by a place called Billabong and thought, if that's an Aboriginal word, what more right do they have to trademark it than words in other languages, like English. As I write this I realise this makes no sense, because the issue is the words use in communication, not using it to name a product... So I'll walk away.

I fell in love with the girl in my rearview mirror. Not really, but she was pretty and it sounded appropriate for a country music song.

The Sikh temple in Woolgoola sits right next to the hightway and certainly catches the eye. There is also a large Indian restaurant/tourist attraction. The story behind Woolgoola sounds interesting...

If you've read all the way through to here, congratulations, this was longer than I thought it would be. As for the title, "The Future is a Scary Place", something else came to mind to do with university. I thought I had decided to just finish out journalism at the middle of next year so I could start working. Without particular advice from anybody, I wrote down, "don't take the easy road. journalism isn't everything. more skills". Basically, I've decided to do a dual degree, because I feel it's more important to have the French language skills, and the education, than it is to simply be done with it and out there. This wasn't easy, because I really do NOT want to study 18 months longer than necessary. I haven't officially done it yet, but that's the decision.

Till next time.

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